Pool accessories need not be expensive

The accessories that you add to your pool can be as expensive as you want them to be. On the one hand, you can go all out and heavily accessorize your pool. Alternatively, you can leave your pool as it is and may just put a couple of chairs around it. Below are modifications you can make to your pool in order of increasing cost.

Deck Chairs

Deck chairs are probably the least expensive way that you can accessorize your pool. However, a couple of deck chairs can also increase the utility of your pool area by making it not only a great place to swim but also a great place to hang out.

Pool Cover

Pool covers are a great accessory because they can keep your pool cool during the hot summer months and they can keep it warm during the cool months of spring and fall. However, pool covers vary quite a bit in cost. You can get a simple tarpeline cover or you can go all out and get a solar heating cover that warms the water. Additionally, you could go all out and install a canopy over your pool. This is obviously the most expensive kind of cover you could invest in, but it also makes your pool area useful even when it’s rainy or hot out by providing shelter and shade. The downside is that, unless you’re handy, you’ll probably have to hire a contractor to come out and build the roof deck for your canopy. However, as the folks at Hustad roofing will corroborate, the privacy and protection that a canopy roof deck offers may be worth it.


Pool cleaners can run from something as inexpensive as a simple chlorine detox to something as expensive as a robotic water vacuum or even a naturally self-cleaning pool. What is a self-cleaning pool you ask? A self-cleaning pool usually consists of two separate pool basins, one for swimming and the other for cleaning. The cleaning basin typically contains plants and bugs that naturally cleanse the water. The water slowly cycles between the swimming and the cleaning basin to ensure that it is always clean. Unfortunately, while this style of pool cleaner is far more environmentally friendly than chlorine, it is also far more expensive.

With a garden pool, you and your family can have a lot of fun on hot summer days. With the right pool accessories and regular cleaning, as well as a design to your liking, you will create a small and peaceful oasis where you can relax and enjoy the summer to the fullest.

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